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1. Purchase your spaces! 

To get your contract started, we just need to know how many rooms you are interested in working on. You can do as many rooms as you like, or even your whole residence!  



  4. Measurements! 

Pull out the tape and levels! To properly work with the spaces provided, we need accurate measurements and photographs. Once more your designer is there to help you every step of the way.  


2. We’re in this together! 
After your purchases and contract have been worked though, we will connect you to one of our amazing staff to work you through the entire ‘Design in a Box’ experience. They will work alongside you to gather information on inspiration/style preferences.  

   5. The House of your Dreams. 
Time to get creative! Alongside your designer, We’ll gain the knowledge and insight through questions and photos to help get an idea what you want to achieve with your space.  

3. Bring out the Camera!
Now the fun stuff. We will have you take pictures of the spaces provided in your contract; as well as the exterior of your home. This is all to help us fully understand the architecture we are working worth. Don’t worry! Your designer will be on call to help you through this process.  

     6. Bringing it all together. 
Once all the above has been completed, now it’s our turn! We will create your ‘Design in a Box’ that puts all the hard work you and your designer have done together. This box will contain samples, floor-plans, furnishing layouts, and a handy shopping list so can get started on the perfect space, at the pace you want  

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